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Hey everyone!!

I know that no one reads this journal, but I decided that I would post this anyways.  When I was in Japan for the first three weeks of January, I was lucky enough to get the chance to see the Yu-Gi-Oh!  Ultra Fusion! Bonds That Transcend Time (or the 10th Anniversary movie) in theaters.  I don't know why I waited until March to post something for it.  Well, actually I posted it on my deviantART journal right when I returned in February...and I forgot about my livejournal...So...here it is!!  For whoever happens to stumble upon this page, I hope that you enjoy it!!  ^_^


Please don’t read if you don't want to be spoiled for the movie.

I will start this “review” with a summary of the movie (if you want to find out what happened)

I’m so proud of myself; I was able to understand about 40-60% of the movie!! This is what I understood to be the plot. However, I bet that Wikipedia has it too (or Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia). Be warned, my little summary is not very well written! So please don't yell at me if my summary is a little off; I PURPOSELY didn't refer to any of the websites. I wanted to prove to myself that I COULD write this on my own!

Now that that's over, time for the summary!!!

Basically, the movie starts with Paradox attacking Juudai’s time and he kind of explains his purpose. Then we go to Yuusei and Jack, and they start a Turbo Duel to get Yuusei’s mind off of something, because something seemed to be bothering him. However during their duel, Paradox shows up on his D-Wheeler and steals Yuusei’s Stardust Dragon card by capturing it into his blank card. Then Yuusei and his buddies check out some newspaper article about Yuugi that they found at the library (the photo for the article was so adorable! It was Pegasus handing Yuugi a trophy (I’m guessing after Duelist Kingdom) and Yuugi just looks so ADORABLE!!). Then Yuusei somehow uses another one of his dragon cards to help him travel through time after Paradox. He shows up in Juudai’s time just in time to save Juudai from being blown up to death by the Stardust Dragon (that has now become a dark Sin card).

After Paradox leaves, Yuusei and Juudai talk. Yuusei explains how he is from the future, and Juudai fanboys about it (especially after seeing the D-Wheeler). Then they decide to work together to defeat Paradox.

Then we are shown Yuugi’s time (I was so excited to see him; he was so adorable!!). He and his grandfather are at some sort of festival party thing where there are people cosplaying as Duel Monsters, and they are waiting for Pegasus to show up. However, just when Pegasus arrives, Paradox appears and uses the Sin Stardust Dragon to completely destroy Domino. Oh my goodness, I felt so horrible, because me and my friends were crying from trying to hold in our laughter when Pegasus died. It was so funny, since he says “OH MY GOD!!!” in his awesome voice. Yeah, we felt awful! The attack also managed to kill Yuugi’s grandfather. Oh, the look on Yuugi’s face when he held his grandpa’s scarf was so sad, but oh so adorable at the same time! I swear, that is the closest to the “Puppy Eyes” that he will ever get in the cannon universe!!

Then Yuusei and Juudai both show up on the D-Wheeler and Yuugi and them are transported to thirty minutes prior to the attack on Domino. Yuusei and Juudai then explain to Yuugi about Paradox and everything. Yuugi agrees to work with them. Then Paradox appears and all three main characters tell him off. After that, all three of them get ready to duel. It was great, since they waited for Yuugi last. Oh my gosh, I’m such a nerd. I was SO EXCITED that the original theme of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (“Passionate Duelist”) played in the background when Yuugi switched places with Yami!!!

Then the duel started. Please excuse me for my horrible summary, because now I’m trying to remember what happened, since it was a pretty crazy duel. Paradox starts off with some field card that transforms their surroundings into darkness (and gridded like a computer program). I think that he summoned some monsters. Then Yuusei went and he summon one of his Junk monsters using a Synchro Summon. This part had to have been one of the (if not THE) best parts of the movie. This is because after Yuusei uses his Synchro Summon, Yami just looks confused and says “Synchro Summon?!” Me and my friends were laughing so hard, because obviously Yami is confused about something that hasn’t happened yet!

Then Juudai goes, and uses his Fusion card to fuse one of his monsters with the Junk Monster. Then Paradox goes (don’t ask why they totally skipped Yami; I was just as confused) and I think that was when he summoned the Stardust Dragon and the Sin Stardust Dragon. Then Yami (finally) goes. It’s awesome because they play “Passionate Duelist” in the background again throughout his entire turn. Also, I love how when Yami announces his turn, the “camera” showed a pretty epic zoom-in on his face, because he was that epic. He summons Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl. He also plays this card where he can steal one of Paradox’s monsters. To Paradox’s surprise (who thinks that Yami will take the Sin Stardust Dragon, since it is more powerful), Yami steals the real Stardust Dragon. During his entire turn (especially when Dark Magician is summoned), Juudai is COMPLETELY fanboying! It was hilarious!!

Then, I don’t quite remember other details of the duel, since it was pretty short. Yuusei has a moment of doubt about something, but then he remembers all of his friends from 5D’s and he gains confidence again (also because Yami and Juudai are doing little friendship speeches. Sometimes, I think that they are worse than Anzu…). Then, basically, Yami and Juudai combine their attacks with Yuusei’s Stardust Dragon and they all attack together, and they win.

Then we see Domino back to normal, like nothing ever happened. Pegasus arrives and all of the people are happy. Meanwhile, Yami, Yuusei, and Juudai are all on some random rooftop and they talk about friendship. They say stuff along the lines of “Friendship is awesome and I will never forget you guys” and they do one of those hand-stacking things that friends do.

Then Yuusei transports back to his time, where Jack and everyone else is greeting him with open arms (well…except Jack). Yuusei looks at the sky and remembers everyone who helped him, and we see nice images of Yami, Yuugi (who is actually IN THE PICTURE), and Juudai in the background. Then the credits.

Yeah, sorry that that was a horrible summary, but that was the best that I could do.
Now for my opinions:

I really liked the movie! I don’t know how they did it, but somehow they managed to make something normally 2-D into something 3-D. It looked cool and weird at the same time. It’s hard to explain. However, I can’t wait to see it on DVD and actually see in normal 2-D, because the animation was PHENOMINAL! Also, I thought that (unlike the previous film that was commissioned by 4Kidz) this film was VERY well paced. The crazy 3 against 1 duel against Paradox didn’t last too long, or two short. Actually, it’s pretty crazy to think that the duel actually only took about 3 turns!

Oh! Almost everything that I wanted to happen, happened!!

  • Pegasus spoke (really, he sounds just as awesome and flamboyant in the Japanese version as in the American version! He’s just so fabulous!!)

  • Yami and Yuugi spoke to each other (not enough for my liking, though. It was basically just this: “Aibou! Let me duel in your place!” “Sure, Mou Hitori no Boku!!” I squealed so much when they called each other by their nicknames (*coughcoughpetnamescoughcough*))

  • Yami was epic (when is he not?)

  • slifertheskydragons "prediction" almost happened. When it was time for Yuusei and Juudai to travel to Yuugi’s time, they were both piled on Yuusei’s D-Wheeler! Me and my friends laughed SO HARD at that!!

Things that I was a bit disappointed with the movie:

  • slifertheskydragon’s prediction didn’t TOTALLY happen. I REALLY wanted to see them (especially Yami) all pile onto Yuusei’s D-Wheeler!! That would make SUCH a great image!!

  • There wasn’t enough Yami and Yuugi interactions. I was hoping that maybe sometime during Yami’s turns, Yuugi would pop up and they would have a little conversation about the situation. Well, at least they had that little conversation before switching places. Actually, I was sad that Yuugi never showed up again (except for the final image) after switching with Yami. However, sadly enough, I was expecting that to happen (especially after watching LittleKuriboh’s Abridged Trailer for it).

  • We didn’t get to see any of the original Duel Monsters characters (except for Yuugi, Sugoroku, and Pegasus). I would have LOVED to see some Kaiba, or Jonouchi, or even Anzu!!/li>
  • Yami was kind of pushed off as a supporting character. Sadly enough, I was almost expecting this to happen, since Yuusei is the current main character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. I was hoping that in the end, all three of them would do some crazy fusion to create a totally new monster and destroy Paradox with that (instead of just helping out the Stardust Dragon).

I am SO GLAD that I had the chance to see this in theaters; it was a great experience! I hope that it comes out in the States, so I can see it here too!! However, if it IS brought out…I hope that 4Kidz doesn’t do it…unless Dan Green is the voice for Yuugi/Yami.

Also, the entire time watching the movie, I could NOT get the scenes from LittleKuriboh’s Abridged Trailer out of my head. So that kind of ruined some of the scenes in the movie (in a good way though! ^_~), like “CHILDREN’S CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES!!!” I was dying!

Sorry...Couldn't resist...I love Abridged Jack!! hehe ^_^

Well, thank you for dealing with my really long “review” and I hoped that you enjoyed it and now have a taste for what the movie was like! ^_^

Oh last thing, I absolutely LOVE the theme song for the movie, “makemagic” by jealkb. It has not left my head since I saw it!! ^_^

NOTE: All pictures (with the exception of my Abridged Jack screencap and the title picture) were taken from
this site.

See you all later!! ^_^

Hello!! ^_^

Hello everyone!!

So...I guess that this is my first journal entry using LJ...I have seen so many interesting things on here, so I decided to join in on the fun and make my own!!

I guess I'll start my journal entries with describing a little bit about myself.  I am in my second year of college and I am majoring in East Asian Studies (with a concentration in the Japanese language).  I hope to one day become a Japanese translator/interpreter.  My dream job would be to help companies dub/sub/translate anime/manga.

My main interests (other than Japan) are, music, Disney movies (especially Pixar...WALL•E is my all-time favorite), and anything written by Stephenie Meyer (like the Twilight saga and The Host).  I also like to draw (mostly anime), write, and sing; they are DEFINITELY my passions!!  ^_^

Just recently (like just this past June/July), I have become quite obsessed (again) with the anime, Yu-Gi-Oh!  I think that I have to blame LittleKuriboh again...for every time I watch his show, "Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series," I find myself obsessed with the actual show again.  However, this time...the obsession is definitely at it's worst.  The reason why I am obsessed with it now is also because of my discovery of my first yaoi couple: Yami Yuugi and Yuugi (a.k.a. Puzzleshipping).  I can't stop thinking about it!!  I now even have doujinshi for them!!

Yeah...I'll stop before I start rambling on and on like an idiot...

So...I guess now you know some stuff about me.  I'll probably use this journal as a place to vent out some of the things that I can't really vent out anywhere else (because I know that no one will read this for a while).

But firstly, I'm here in the hopes of meeting some other people with the same interests (especially Puzzleshipping!), so feel free to leave a comment or a message!!  ^_^



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